Statement on the Duplicity of standards at the United Nations Organization and the relevant stance of Saudi Arabia

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and His kin and all his companions.

We, at the International Islamic Organization for Lawyers, have learned about the announcement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerning its apology for declining membership of the Security Council after it has been elected as a non- permanent member of the UN Security Council on account of the double standards adopted by the Security Council, which hinder the Council from performing its duties and responsibilities towards keeping international peace and security as required.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also declined, for the first time, to deliver a speech before the General Assembly of the UN this year because of the stance it has held regarding the Arab and Islamic issues, particularly the case of Palestine, for which the UN has failed to reach a solution since more than sixty. The same applies to the crisis of Syria, where killing and destruction are still ongoing.

The organization pays tribute the brave stances of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which should be appreciated and respected by all countries, global and regional organizations that recognize truth without political bias or personal motives.

It has been incumbent upon the UN to commit to its charter signed on the 26th June1945, which provides for the observance of basic human rights and the dignity of the individual, including equal rights of all nations, as well to realize justice, honor obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law, and adhere to equality in all world issues without ethnic or religious discrimination.

However, the UN Organization has deviated from its charter and has failed to comply within the framework of justice and mutual respect for the rights of nations and peoples. The salient feature characterizing the UN Organization is represented in the duplicity of standards in taking decisions, as well as in dealing with international issues with double criterion, especially in the Islamic and Arab cases, which led to the discontent and resentment of Nations and peoples, whose rights have not received a response by the mentioned organization.

As a result of this unjust universal behavior, the world peace has been exposed to danger, violence from terrorism has erupted, armed movements and extremism have increased, which consider violence as the only one way to force change.

The law is above all. So, governments and organizations must commit to justice, enforcement of the law and international treaties without bias, as ordained by the Islamic faith, which calls for justice among all people without ethnic or religious discrimination. The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, says, "Those earlier generations had been decimated, because if the stronger had stolen, he would be pardoned, but if the weaker had committed the same felony, he would receive punishment. By God, if Fatimah the daughter of Mohammed had stolen, I would have her hand severed."

The organization appreciates the stances taken by Saudi Arabia, including frequent situations that reflect the concerns it pays to the afflictions of the Muslim and Arab world. The organization calls upon all nations to observe justice, peace, and stability, as well as to fight terrorism and extremism in the world as has been undertaken by the Kingdom, so as to drive the UN Organization to drop the policy of duplicity of standards in its dealings with universal issues.

May Allah grants success.


          Lawyers International Islamic Organization

          Dr. Khalid Bin Saleh Ataiwaan

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