The General Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Advocates the Founding of the Organization and Stresses its Importance and the need for its Services

His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, President of the Council of Senior Scholars and the Department of Scientific Research and Ifta, has illustrated the importance of the International Islamic Organization for Lawyers, the need for its services, its desired message, and the role it shall play in the preservation of the rights of Muslims; in doing justice to their issues, communicating with human rights bodies to enlighten them about such issues, and bringing in support to Muslims. The Mufti further pointed out, "The importance of this organization is evident in that it is chaired by His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Mohsen Al Turki the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, whose leading role, concern, and efforts in developing the Muslim World League, represented in all its affiliated bodies, are remarkable. This is because His Excellency the Secretary-General enjoys a senior, scientific position, a leading, wise character, a deep insight, a long standing administrative experience, and concern for Islamic affairsof Muslim World League. His Eminence the Mufti called for everyone to support this organization by all possible means, so it can fulfill its mission satisfactorily, achieve its objectives as required, and perform its role in defending the religion of Islam, and highlighting its superiority in the legislation and regulation, and justly solving the issues of Muslims, to preserve their rights and dignity."

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