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ways of the organization

1 - Create a center for international arbitration.

2 - preparation of studies and scientific and applied research in the field of legal studies and legitimacy.

3 - holding meetings, seminars and conferences and specialized courses in the field of laws and regulations for lawyers Muslims.

4 - advising legitimate and legal and regulatory bodies and civil society organizations and government and each of the requested not inconsistent with the objectives of the Commission.

5 - Participation in conferences and meetings of regional and international organizations.

6 - Create and Information Center Website and a private library as a lawyer and legal research and legitimacy.

7 - do pleadings and legal advice in all that would achieve the objectives of the Commission.

8 - the exchange of information relating to a lawyer and regulations with specialists in Islamic and other countries and for the betterment of the profession and its Commissioner.

9 - Create a legal centers and institutions that help achieve the objectives of the body, such as arbitration centers and training institutes and other legal.

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