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The idea of ​​a organization

1. To respond to the recommendation of the Mecca seventh of an advisory body of specialists in the laws and regulations in the world, operating within the framework of the Muslim World League mission follow-up legal abuses, and to identify the legal means to prevent it, including lawsuits on both the offensive to the Islamic religion and that before the competent courts in country abuser, as well as in international courts)

2. The rapid growth of Islamic financial institutions, and the growing popularity of investing in creating an urgent need to provide support and help her with respect to side jurist and legal; because the lack of awareness of the nature of the work of Islamic financial institutions that are based in their dealings to Islamic law has contributed to the emergence of some conflicts and legal disputes.

3. Widening trade volume between the countries of the world and to the global trend of the capitalist system and globalization, creating an urgent need to unite the efforts of lawyers and scholars of the Muslim organization to highlight the features of Islamic law and presented as utilized in the legislation of various transactions and global activities.

4. The big difference between the legislation and the laws of Islamic countries, which makes it difficult to deal in the areas of joint economic, political and social, and the creation of an entity combines lawyers and specialists in the field of legislation in Islamic countries contributes to the convergence and find common channels between these countries.

5. Find an Islamic reference and information center for Muslim lawyers organize the march future of the global Islamic institutions, and will provide an ideal environment for the definition of financial institutions and international banks Islamic legal stock.

6. Provide an opportunity for lawyers and jurists legislation Muslims to meet and study the situation legislative and judicial branches of Islamic countries and compare them, and to find the laws and agreements that will contribute to reduce what might happen from conflict or disputes كالتحكيم, and counseling regular based on comprehensive studies of the various legislations in Islamic countries.

7. The urgent need for a renewed Islamic judicial system and effectively keep pace with the significant growth of the economic size of the business.

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