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organizational goals

1 - highlighting the virtues of Islamic law, and the importance of mind the source of the laws and regulations.

2 - to defend Islam and its sanctities and issues through the promotion of efforts of lawyers Muslims and do what it calls legally.

3 - promoting cooperation between Muslim lawyers and coordinate their efforts and their efforts to achieve the objectives of the Commission under the rule of the countries in which they are located.

4 - deepening the spirit of cooperation and dialogue with other bodies and international human rights organizations in order to consolidate the values of human justice in the world, and work together in everything related.

5 - develop the skills of Muslim lawyers in the field of laws and regulations and law, and judicial developments and arbitration.

6 - rooting arbitration and peaceful means of non-judicial dispute resolution and support for lawyers and of Muslims تبؤ legal rightful place in the specialized international organizations, including not inconsistent with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

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